Thursday, March 2, 2017

"FAKE DIGITAL PIANO REVIEWS" - BEWARE! - The Inside Scoop! - Who Can You Trust?

What are "Fake Digital Piano Reviews?"
It's a desert out there on your drive to find a real digital piano review site with real trustworthy reviews. Read this important info below to give you good direction on what is fake and what is real!

There are many so-called "review sites" on the internet. These sites have reviews for just about everything your can think of including cars, boats, planes, TV's, computers, refrigerators, beds, services, companies, etc, etc. Reviews come from all kinds of sources including professionals who actually use and understand the products all the way down to individuals who don't know anything about the product and pretend that they do. So why would people write reviews of products if they did not know what they were talking about? What would be their motivation? Well there is a simple answer to that's all about making money from that website in trying to get you to buy something through Amazon purchases. If you buy something then that so-called reviewer gets paid. I talk more about this in the info below.

It's sometimes difficult to decipher what is a real legitimate review site and what is a fake review site because if you don't know anything about the product or service that you want to get, then you may not have enough experience to know that what you are reading is true or not. When you are traveling down the road of researching digital pianos, there is a lot of desert, tumbleweeds, and cactus you have to go through to get to someone who actually knows what they are talking about and can give you straight advice. It's because of these reasons that is why I am going to try and expose thefake digital piano review sites that are cropping up all over the internet.
So what is it that actually defines a fake review site for digital pianos and how do you spot these impostors!? The internet is full of impostors who will not help you and in the long-run will mislead you into thinking that something they say must be true because they said it on-line. Don't believe everything you read,e specially from these people. Do your homework and research. The following is a list of definitions that in my opinion defines what a fakeor misleading digital piano review site looks like and how it behaves.

1. Bad grammar - Many of these sites use noticeably bad grammar, spelling, and also bad sentence structure to describe what they are saying. Based on all my experience with these kinds of sites, that kind of thing is a dead giveaway of the fact that they are fake. these sites are usually operated by individual people from other countries (hence the bad grammar) looking to make a buck (can't blame them for that) but who make things up that are mostly wrong about the things they are saying and their content makes little sense at all. When you don't know what you are talking about it generally comes out bad and in many cases not easily understood. Bad grammar, bad sentences, and content that does not make sense is a BIG RED FLAG and you should run away from so so-called review sites as fast as you can. From my personal experience with them, their only goal is to get you to buy any new digital piano from their Amazon affiliate links so they can make money. Anyone can make stuff up by reading other content on the web, making up a site name, posting it on the internet and connecting all their content to Amazon. They are just trying to pick off some unsuspecting fish and you are a don't get caught!

2. Old models - many of these sites review old discontinued models and call them new. They assign the latest date to those so-called reviews and make you think you are looking at the newest models when in fact those pianos are older discontinued models that are no longer available or have been significantly upgraded. These so-called reviewers know very little about these pianos so they would not know what piano is new and current and what piano is old and discontinued. That's another sign of being fake.

3. Non-piano products - Some of these review sites may also do reviews on non-piano products such as gold clubs, refrigerators, cars, cameras, household items, and perhaps hundreds of other products. Those sites may say that they have hired or contracted with other people to review these pianos and write the content. Even if that were true, those review sites would not know a real review from a bad one because they themselves may not know anything about acoustic or digital pianos and may not play at all. If you see anything like that then I advise you run away as fast as you can because they will likely not know if their review is accurate or not...and besides that, they likely link all the product reviews to Amazon so they can make an affiliate commission off you. making money is one thing but just throwing unsubstantiated or unreliable information into the wind and letting it fall on you is another thing.

4. Amazon commissions - Also, there are some sites that may not be quite as "fake" as others and they may even say that they don't write their so-called reviews to make money, but instead they say they write them to help you. However, if you see that review site link to Amazon in any way, then that is a big red flag that specific site is only after one make money and at your expense. Because after all, you are the one who will be buying the piano, not them and no matter what you buy and how it turns out, they still make money off of you. That type of business cannot be neutral and tell you the truth about certain models and brands because they may lose potential affiliate commissions from Amazon.

5. Personal interaction - Personally playing and examining every piano model that is reviewed is rare these days because many of these instruments are difficult to find in piano or music stores or the so-called reviewer has little experience in knowing how to operate a variety of digital pianos properly. It is rare that any of these so-called reviewers have ever played the pianos they talk about. What is more likely is that they have copied real reviews (like mine or a couple of others) and watched some you tube video demos and then regurgitated and used that information to pout into their so-called independent reviews. This is easy to do and probably the most common thing you'll find when searching for quality reviews. You have to really drive far and kick up some dust (so to speak) before you find real reviews from real musicians/pianists who have really played these digital piano instruments and understand what makes them tick.

6. Low Price and Amazon reviews - Amazon sells new digital pianos for the same advertised price regardless of which so-called "review site" you go to that links to Amazon. If you purchase a piano that way you have likely spend more money than you had to if you had purchased somewhere else. Most people know that Amazon posts user/owner reviews of personal experiences with the product so that perhaps you can better understand and appreciate what other people (like yourself) have experienced with that product. The problem with that concerning digital pianos is that a very large percentage of user/owner reviews are done by people who normally have little to no experience with pianos let alone digital pianos. So they may not understand what constitutes a bad or poor playing digital pianos as opposed to something which is good. I see this happen all the time where people will say good things about bad pianos because they are not knowledgeable about pianos and how they are supposed to play and behave. Then they go onto Amazon and give a good rating to what is otherwise a poor excuse for a piano...and you believe them! That's what you call "taking your chances!"

I admit that selecting a digital piano, which few shoppers really understand very well, may be a daunting task for a lot of people so at a certain point you do have to "take a chance." But if you get high quality review content written by someone who knows what they are taking about, then you can make a good educated decision and feel confident you are making the right choice. Personally, I do use quality review sites to help me in deciding on a variety of products, as I mentioned earlier. So if I am looking for a computer related product, camera, TV, cell phone, audio system, refrigerator, stove, vehicle, or a service like a plumber, electrician, home remodeler, painter, mechanic, or whatever it is...I do like to read reviews. There are actually a few good review sites for non-piano products & services, and part of that reality is because those products and services are very popular things that millions of people need and use every day and there are many more experts out there who understand these things. But in the world of digital pianos, which are specialty products that few people really understand and own compared to normal consumer electronics and services, it is much more difficult for the avergae person to determine what is real quality information from people (reviewers) who are not depending on Amazon or ad dollars to make money.


  1. It's funny how you tell people to avoid amazon reviews sites while you yourself get commissions, not hesitating to ask people to call you for "personal advice". At least, amazon reviewers don't have bias towards particular brands, because the commissions are the same regardless, unlike yours.

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